growth in business after H1B visa issue

With difficulties such as lack of technical expertise, ability gap and convincing consumers about IT services, Dev IT, an Ahmedabad-based mostly IT company has come a lengthy way.

The company was predominantly focusing on domestic markets particularly government in early years, later on they opted-out to increase in foreign markets, according to Jaimin Shah, Managing Director and CEO, Dev IT.

The core functions of the company are IT advisory, IT architecture, IT implementation, and IT assistance.

“When we begun, there was no IT business in Gujarat and if you stated everyone about it, they always imagined that we are functioning with the Income Tax Department. Staying a domestic targeted company, we faced a lot issues but we remained targeted on what we have been carrying out. We grew to become a marketable IT company as far as Gujarat is concerned,” stated Shah.

The company faced numerous difficulties when it came to employing talent in the region until 2007-2008 as there was lack of expertise about the IT business.

“Attracting talent was truly a challenge. So as an incentive, we gave 1o percent of our revenue to employees,” stated Shah.

Eyeing Nordic region

The company is planning to invest $5 million for growth in Nordic nations.

“After acquiring a company in 2015 with European clientele and speaking to current clientele we also realised that now Europe is also settling down from Brexit and industrial down time. They are also making an attempt to adopt newer engineering but they are very expense aware,” stated Shah.

H1B visa

Whilst speaking about the H1B visa concern, Shah stated: “Now we have not viewed any concern simply because our emphasis is SME marketplace in North America. What we did is that we opened our Canadian Federal entity and all our North American contracts are under the Canadian entity. We have viewed development in business right after the H1B concern as persons have begun outsourcing their jobs. There is no act wherein outsourcing is concerned.”

In 2017, the company received listed on NSE Emerge exchange. It was a bootstrapped company, begun by 2 persons and now employs all-around 900 to 1000 persons in Gujarat.

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