Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing

Owning a business is not a problem, in fact, it is very easy to set-up a business but the main part is to market your business. How you are presenting your business to the word? How you are promoting your business to the world? What all the strategies you can choose for promoting your business? Marketing is not a new thing in today’s world. Though, there is a huge difference between the strategies of marketing.

In past times, marketing used to be done by the newspapers, radio, television etc. But today, there is a huge difference between the marketing of today’s world and the earlier world. Today, there are several marketing strategies followed by businesses. The highly popular marketing strategies of today’s world are content marketing and social media marketing. Though, both are the different strategies in many aspects but the aim remains the same for both.

What is the Difference between content marketing and social media marketing to run effective campaigns?

Content marketing is the creation of creative content for promotion or marketing whereas social media marketing is the method or platform of promoting the business. In content marketing, people create informative and interest content about the products whereas in social media marketing, the written content has to delivered on the social media platforms.

One of the major difference between the two is, content marketing is all about the production of the content like articles, blogs, press release or videos with the help of a professional content writing team whereas social media marketing is aimed at distributing the content on the social media channels like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc.

How content is used in content and social media marketing

In content marketing, content is the initial stage of marketing whereas, in social media marketing, the curative and creative content can be shared on the social media. Let me make it clearer with the example. Imagine, you have a small business and you have created a website for your business. A website developer will develop the best possible website for you and you will be happy with your website but it is absolutely not enough. Will you like to visit the same website and read the same information again and again?

Being a customer, I would visit your website only if I will get the new information from time to time; otherwise, it will find it too boring and will stop visiting your website. So, you can promote your business by posting new content on your website from time to time and can generate new leads. This strategy is known as content marketing whereas when you will publish these content on the social media pages (other than the website) and attract the customers, known as social media marketing.

Though, both the strategies can look similar if you will see it from far place. However, when you look at it closely, there is a huge difference between the two approaches. Both the approaches vary in terms of processes, goals, focal points and many other aspects.

In content marketing, it involves the development, curation and then distribution of the consistent, relevant and valuable content. This process is intended to get the clear or targeted audience who loves to get the new information in their journey. In social media marketing, the approach of content marketing can be expanded. It means that the content or the information related to the products can be promoted on the social media channels and helps in the generation of new customers. This method has the potential to convert the customers also.

In content marketing, people love to read the new information but they might or might not be your potential customer whereas, in social media marketing, people can become the potential customers of your products.

It is obvious that, social media marketing is a perfect fusion of indirect and direct marketing. What is more important for brand promotion? The major and foremost thing is the awareness. The more is the awareness, the more will be lead generation. It is possible to make the people aware about the brands with the social media marketing as compared to the content marketing. You can use several strategies like sharing, like or comments with your promotional material and the more people will share it and more people will become aware about your brands. In this way, the customer relationship can be managed with social media marketing. In content marketing, the more business can be generated among the existing customers. The more information will make a new and better image of the brand among the consumers and when the consumers will share the information with the surrounding people, your business will ultimately get benefited.

How social media plays a vital role

Content marketing is a trick whereas social media marketing is the platform or channel. The content marketing is the creation of new informative contents for your products whereas social media marketing is the channel on which you can post the content. In content marketing, you have to post the content on your website and the customer will only see if they will visit your website but in case of social media marketing, the people can directly the content because of eradication of intermediary channel. The 90% of the population uses social media and it is best to use social media for building the new customer base for your business.

In the nutshell, we have talked about the differences between the content marketing and social media marketing. But, according to me, social media marketing is a much better approach than content marketing. Social media marketing is the best way, not only to generate the new leads but also to retain the new customers. Though, it is not fine to say that content marketing is not a good approach but we can make it better if the content marketing and social media marketing can work in conjunction with each other.

In short, demand generation is the major goal of the content marketing strategy whereas customer satisfaction, customer retention and brand awareness are the main objection of social media marketing.

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